Construction company "St.Petersburg Real Estate"

February — November 2021
To describe the features and benefits of business and premium class residential complexes.
Selection of programs at information and business stations for special projects.
1. Royalty Report on Radio Monte Carlo
Real estate digest — market news, objects from comfortable to luxurious. The program reads one news piece from the advertiser, mentions his name and the names of his products and / or services, the rest of the information is at the discretion of the editors of the radio station.

2. Section "Echonomics" on "Echo of St. Petersburg"
The program discusses what the city of the future should be. How well-known St. Petersburg residents and those who care about our city see it.

3. Section "Events and accents" on "Echo of Petersburg"
The program covers all the information and landmark events related to the activities of your company. Information program releases reports on key events in the main areas of city life: the activities of the authorities, political parties and cultural organizations. The main digest of news that is important for St. Petersburg residents. Two releases per day.
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