OOH (out—of—home advertising)
OOH is suitable for a large-scale advertising campaign both throughout the country and for local regional placement. Out-of-home advertising is developing rapidly. Its recovery rates after the pandemic year of 2020 are much higher than those of other traditional media or the Internet. This channel creates flexible conditions for planning, procurement and independent monitoring.

Outdoor advertising is advantageous as it performs high frequency of display, draws attention and it can’t be switched off closed.
Radio is one of the traditional widespread media carriers. It is suitable for an advertising campaign within a city.

We analyze the target audience of stations and brands in order to select the ideal option in terms of reach, match index and CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Such an approach attracts new customers and results in calls and organic traffic to the site.

The most popular devices for listening to the radio (38% on weekdays and 55% on weekends), radio receiver (29% on weekdays and 19% on weekends), laptop (17% on weekdays and 14% on weekends) and smartphone (9% on weekdays and 7% on weekends)*

*Russian citizens over 14 y.o. who use the Internet according to the data collection method used. Multi-stage stratified sample representing the population of the Russian Federation by gender, age and type of settlement — 1,600 people, eight federal districts. Expert interviews with industry leaders. Source: Media Consumption in Russia 2021 from the Deloitte CIS Research Center, Moscow, September 2021
Suitable for a large-scale advertising campaign not only in a certain region, but also throughout the country. It also enhances the effectiveness of other types of advertising of the same product.

We analyze the target audience of TV channels, the consumers of the advertised brand and brand’s novelty in order to develop advertising strategies for any budget.
Transit advertising
Transit advertising is an effective way to become recognizable within a city. There are two types: advertising inside the cabin and pasting the transport outside. Such advertising attracts potential consumers among drivers and pedestrians.

We help to choose the best routes and vehicle decoration options taking into account the goal and budget of the campaign.
Suitable for navigation ads, for local and large-scale advertising campaigns. Your message can be performed as stickers and posters in the train, sound advertisements, lightboxes and billboards on stations and balustrades, as well as a pop-up window during Wi-Fi download in the subway.

We increase the effectiveness of integrated advertising campaigns and introduce you to millions of people: the daily passenger flow of the subway is more than 2 million passengers, the annual one is 726.5 million people.
Indoor advertising includes tabs in the menu of restaurants, posters in the lobby of a polyclinic, video screens in sports complexes, audio clips and lightboxes in shopping centers, stands inside residential buildings. It allows you to address the audience pointwise (in a certain area or city district, and even in a certain building). It can be performed as a complex advertising campaign or be a part of a media mix to ensure separate coverage.

We help to choose the ideal format for indoor advertising in order to hook potential buyers and encourage them to make a purchase.
The press is one of large-scale media, but it can be targeted for certain audience of the publication and the geography of distribution.

We place direct and native advertising in various types of print and online publications (business, information, on-board, glossy press) and format (modular, articles, special projects). The choice always meets your requirements and is based on the analysis of the target audience.
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